Friday, August 29, 2008

OmniGrowl 3.3 released

OmniGrowl 3.3 fixes some important bugs and adds a few major new features including:

• custom icons for RSS notifications
• ability to exclude certain calendars

Please see the version history for details.

Cast Away 2.6 released

Cast Away 2.6 has been released. See the version history for details. Please note that this is the same version as the public beta 1. No problems have been reported. Unfortunately WBC has been unable to test this on Tiger on systems where Growl is not installed, so the presumed fix still does need to be confirmed.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cast Away 2.6 public beta released, Tiger beta testers needed

Cast Away beta testers on Tiger needed!

It had come to our attention that Cast Away was not working on Tiger properly. This happens in cases where "Growl" is not installed. Growl is meant to be optional. Unfortunately the 2 Tiger systems we have access to already have Growl installed, making it difficult to test.

So, anyone on Tiger without Growl please try this version. Please submit comments by e-mail or through the support form.

Please do not announce on update sites just yet.

Download 2.6.1 public beta here.

Important Note: please backup ~/Library/Prefrences/com.wbc.castaway.plist as Podcast settings will be upgraded and cannot be downgraded.

public beta 1:

Added per-podcast feature to enable podcast episode shuffling. This allows podcasts to play without interruption on iPods and in general be treated like other music.
Work around major problem with Tiger introduced with 2.5.3 due to an Apple bug in Leopard.
Above problem prevented Cast Away from working on Tiger if Growl is not installed.
Fixed problem checking global caps if any playlist other than “Podcasts” was selected.
Broke up documentation into several screens.
Revised documentation.
Updated links for new WBC web site.

DevonSync & Osiris updates released

DevonSync 1.2.4 was released today. References to .Mac are now to MobileMe. Links were also updated.

Osiris 3.2 increases the maximum part size to 10,000. Links were also updated.