Monday, August 15, 2011

OmniGrowl Roaring on Lion

WBC today released a Lion compatibility upgrade for OmniGrowl. Most features had been working normally on Lion, but a few tweaks were needed.

In particular, time out errors related to Address Book dates checking should now be eliminated. It is also now possible to set a hidden preference to turn off the feature to quit after excessive time outs completely, or to increase the number of time outs before OmniGrowl will quit. (This "quit" feature is deliberate: the idea is if for some reason OmniGrowl is repeatedly getting stuck, there's no reason to tie up your system…)

As usual, please see the version history for details.


Early downloaders of OmniGrowl 4.3.4 with PPC Macs: please re-download the universal binary version. Dropping PPC support may soon come, but not yet! (The universal version was posted at 7 pm EDT on Aug 15.)