Sunday, January 23, 2011

iGotta MP3 Collection Updated

iGotta MP3 Collection, our freeware FileMaker database for iTunes, has been updated to version 2.5. It boasts a lot of new features, including these:
  • Added Limit, First, Last, Bit Rate, Settings, and About buttons to track list view.
  • Limit button limits current found set.
  • First and Last buttons show only first or last tracks in album.
  • Bit Rate searches for bit rates lower than user-defined limit.
  • Added Disc # and Disc Count fields to Track List.
  • Added Grouping and Last Played dates to Track Details.
  • New Settings layout.
  • New Internet Search function with defined and custom search URLs.
  • Support for dnuos when installed.
  • General layout clean-up, including adding tool tips when appropriate.
  • Updated WBC logos and URLs to newer versions.
  • Updated match field and playlist export directions layouts.

Revision 2.5.2 (01/28/2011):
We made two additional tweaks that we felt did not merit a new blog or twitter posting. But if you use iGotta and found the tab order on version 2.5 to be a problem, it's been fixed. A new download will get you version 2.5.2.
  • Fixed the tab order on both the track list and track detail screens.
  • Cleaned up the primary & related file table and file names.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day Release for OmniGrowl

To mark the New Year, fighting off a hangover, WBC today releases a major update to OmniGrowl.

OmniGrowl now supports the new MobileMe calendars, and other CalDav calendars as well. If you have switched to the new MobileMe calendars and have kept local copies, you'll want to make sure that either the local calendars or the MobileMe calendars are disabled in iCal so that you don't see duplicate notifications.

Also, by popular request, same-day event notifications are now given by default for all day events, including birthdays and custom dates from Address Book, birthdays in iCal, and Yahoo Upcoming events. Previously, OmniGrowl showed notifications for all-day events 1 week, 3 days, and the day before they occurred. If you prefer the old way, you can uncheck the option for "also on the day of event" underneath the clock on the Personal tab.

There are a few other under-the-hood changes as well, so as always, please check the version history.