Sunday, November 14, 2010

OmniGrowl 4.0.6 and WBC iTunes Scripts Collection Updates

OmniGrowl 4.0.6 has just been released. It fixes AMG artist biography notifications.

We are aware of some potential issues with the new MobileMe calendar (introduced within the last few weeks). In order to get them resolved, we have added some extra logging related to calendars in this version. So if you are using the new MobileMe calendar and OmniGrowl and are experiencing any issues, please send your logs to support. (You can access your logs from the help menu, or with cmd-L. Only the first part where it lists your calendars by name and type is needed.)

We've also just released a major update to our WBC iTunes Scripts Collection.

It's the first big update in a while, so it gets a 1.9 version number. Since it doesn't have it's own version history page, here are the main changes made:

  • Added several brand new tagging scripts (Compilationify, Discsettify, Consolidate Artists, and Yearify) to the Grab-Bag.
  • Added a few brand new miscellaneous scripts (including Find Artwork Multi-Search and Reveal All) to the Grab-Bag.
  • Added a couple more switch tagging scripts
  • Updated all scripts to working condition, or designated them as legacy scripts.
  • Removed some hopelessly out of date scripts entirely.
  • Removed iTunes version checking (which caused scripts not to work on iTunes 10+) on some scripts.
  • Various other minor changes to scripts.
  • Updated info documents.
  • Updated links in these info documents.

The new scripts are pretty handy for tagging. We hope you'll try them out.