Monday, September 27, 2010

Another update hat-trick: iDupe, Cast Away, and OmniGrowl

Updates to iDupe, Cast Away, and OmniGrowl have been released.

iDupe 2.8.5 fixes an issue with deep clean mode.

Many performance updates have been made to Cast Away 2.9.6, including fixes for the archive logs and time out issues when iTunes is unresponsive when Cast Away is launched.

OmniGrowl 4.0.5 fixes some bugs, and introduces a much-requested option to customize the iTunes track change full notification descriptions.

Remember that OmniGrowl is still on special for one more day as part of theMacBundles September bundle. Act fast!

The links above are to version history details.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Customer demands refund after realizing he could have stolen iDupe

One of the more difficult things we have to do here at WBC is handle refund requests.

It's a dilemma for us, because most of our products don't require registration codes. We rely on an honor system and value the true spirit of shareware, which originally meant that customers paid when they were happy with the product, and continued to use it.

Often these requests come from Windows users who fail to read the rather obvious Mac-only system requirements (which are stated in red next to an Apple logo, right under the Buy and downloads buttons). It doesn't give us any joy to stick to a consistent policy on refunds in such cases.

We also know that plenty of Mac users abuse this honor system by never paying. But we even hear from people who want a refund when they realize they could have gotten away with not paying!

This exchange on the PayPal dispute system is so telling, and so tragic, that we can't resist posting it, slightly edited, with names changed to protect the "innocent."

From Buyer - John
9/6/2010 23:44 EDT
Have not received software key.
From Seller - Loren
9/7/2010 01:04 EDT
A registration email with the subject "Thanks from WBC" was sent at 11:41 PM EST on 9/6. Check your spam filters, or maybe just wait a little. There is no registration key...
From Buyer - John
9/7/2010 08:30 EDT
Then what exactly are you selling? Either issue a refund or I'll escalate this to a Paypal claim.
From Seller - Loren
9/7/2010 16:55 EDT
We are selling shareware software on an honor system. It is paid software, you indicate you paid by checking a box. I fail to understand your issue.
For details on this
please see this in our FAQ.
[Complete information on our refund policy and approach to shareware is given in our
This was the original principle of shareware before most products started requiring codes like boxed commercial software.
From Buyer - John
9/7/2010 18:15 EDT
My issue is you're not selling a product. It's unclear on your website that you can actually use the software without even paying for it. My ultimatum still remains.
From Seller - Loren
9/8/2010 09:01 EDT
It's perfectly clear that we're selling a product and the link above explains what shareware is. Your argument is basically the same as saying if you buy something at a store and later realize you could have shop-lifted it without getting caught, you should get a refund. I'm sorry but not only is your logic offensive, but your "ultimatum" is meaningless. People like you are the reason most developers have to implement highly restrictive copy protection measures. So much for the principle of an honor system. Sigh.

iDupe 2.8.4 improves iTunes 10 and Tiger+Intel compatibility

iDupe 2.8.4 improves compatibility with iTunes 10 and also with system running Tiger on intel Macs. For details please see the version history.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pick up OmniGrowl for a Song as part of the September bundle at TheMacBundles

We've long felt that OmniGrowl is one of the most useful products available for the Mac, but that it really needs more exposure. If more people had a chance to try it, they'll wonder how they managed their daily workflow without it.

For that reason, we are partnering with
TheMacBundles, which is including OmniGrowl in its September bundle.

For just $49.95 you can pick up OmniGrowl along with 14 other useful Mac applications at an 85% discount off their total retail values. In other words, these apps are a steal at about 3 bucks each. Or you can "Build Your Own Bundle" and include OmniGrowl in your custom bundle. Strike while the iron is hot!