Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WBC iTunes Scripts Collection 1.8.3 released

Updated the grab-bag playlist scripts to deal with a bug introduced by Apple in iTunes 8.2.
AMG Info script was updated long ago but not repackaged. Forgot what changes were made.

iTunes 8.2 work arounds

In coping with the bug introduced by Apple with iTunes 8.2, WBC has come up with a viable work around that should allow these products to work with both iTunes 8.2+ and previous versions of iTunes. Since we cannot test with all possible configurations, please report any problems to WBC through the support contact form.

iDupe 2.5.3 released

iDupe 2.5.3 has been released. It works around an Apple iTunes 8.2 bug that made it impossible to scan user playlists and fixes other minor bugs. Please see the version history for details. Please note the iTunes 8.2 bugs still exist, but iDupe is no longer affected with this version.

Cast Away 2.8.2 released

Cast Away 2.8.2 has been released. It works around the same issues with iTunes 8.2 involving user playlists that affected several other WBC products. (See most recent blog entries and the version history.)

MoveTunes 1.5.3 released

MoveTunes 1.5.3 fixes the same iTunes 8.2 incompatibilities that iDupe 2.5.3 also fixes. (See most recent blog entries.) It also resolves some issues with audio books and protected audio files. Please see the version history for details.

Monday, June 15, 2009

iTunes 8.2 breaks iDupe and possibilty others

Apple's release of iTunes 8.2 broke some core scripting elements, and this affects iDupe and possibly other WBC products. It might also affect any script that interacts with iTunes. Work-arounds are possible, but these would break compatibility with previous versions of iTunes. Therefore, for the time being, WBC has opted to wait for a fix from Apple rather than trying to work-around Apple bugs. This is not quite as bad as all this -- some scripts and products can be used with caution. For example, iDupe will no longer scan user playlists, but it should scan the Music library playlist. More will be posted here as it is known. If you have not upgraded to iTunes 8.2, don't do it for now; unless you need iPhone OS 3.0 support or want to use Genius with videos, nothing has changed since 8.1.1 other than breaking the scripting.