Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OmniGrowl Updated for Growl 2, CaliBrate Also Updated

WBC today released updates to two of our applications: OmniGrowl and CaliBrate.

OmniGrowl provides over a dozen kinds of useful notifications, including calendar events, reminders, local events, weather, traffic, flights, and news.

CaliBrate allows you to search for and batch process multiple events in Calendar or iCal. With it, you can remove duplicate events, shift them in time, change titles or notes all at once, move them between calendars, and much more.

Today's OmniGrowl 4.5 update includes several significant changes and improvements. Most importantly, it has been updated for compatibility with Growl 2.0, which integrates with Notification Center on Mountain Lion. Therefore, it is now possible to send OmniGrowl notifications to Notification Center via Growl!

Please note that at this time there are known quirks which are related to Growl's implementation of Apple's sandboxing requirements and are most likely beyond our control. First, clickable notifications are no longer clickable after a short length of time. Second, notifications sent to Notification Center frequently display a generic icon or image. WBC expects to work with the Growl team to address these issues in the near future. We believe an early compatibility release with these known issues is preferable to waiting.

In order to support Growl 2.0, it was also necessary to drop support for any OS X version before 10.6 and PPC Macs. The last OmniGrowl version compatible with OS X 10.4, 10.5, and PPC is version 4.4.5.

OmniGrowl 4.5 includes many other fixes and improvements. MacZot and Woot notifications have been fixed. All RSS feed preset links have been validated. Outdated feed presets have been removed and others have been added. The Facebook notification preset auto-fill feature has been updated to support new authentication requirements. If you use the Facebook feed, please delete and re-add it using the preset. For those of you who used the Netflix notification, unfortunately Netflix has decided to discontinue their shipping feed. Please contact Netflix to complain if you relied on that, as did we!

Today's update to CaliBrate adds a feature request to the Shift Events in Time action. Now, in addition to being able to set an absolute month, day, or year, you can now set an absolute date (that is, month, day, and year at the same time.)