Wednesday, November 30, 2011

iDupe and CaliBrate Deeply Discounted in TheMacBundles’ Holiday Bundle (Revised)

Ann Arbor, MI
November 30, 2011

Ann Arbor, MI - Mac users can enjoy both iDupe and CaliBrate, two of Wooden Brain Concepts’ flagship products, at a great discount from now until Christmas. Wooden Brain Concepts, a software company specializing in practical tools for Mac home users, has partnered with TheMacBundles for an exclusive discount in this season's holiday bundle as well as in its innovative Build Your Own Bundle stores, where people can put together their own discounted software packages.

“The two products we’re making available as part of this bundle are immensely useful tools for anyone who uses iTunes and iCal,” said Loren Ryter, President. “We know you’ll agree when you try them. That's why we're working with TheMacBundles - we want to get our software in more hands.”

“iDupe is a smart duplicates scanner for iTunes. iDupe makes smart decisions about which track in a set of identified duplicates to keep, rather than relying on a single criterion, as many other similar products do. You make the final decision about whether it picked the correct one, then let iDupe handle duplicate clean up from there.”

“CaliBrate, meanwhile, is a multi-purpose utility for iCal. It allows you to perform many batch functions with events, such as removing duplicates, adding or removing alarms, modifying titles and notes, moving events between calendars, and much more. Search criteria are extremely flexible, and you can save frequently used searches for later. CaliBrate is also able to create new events from text dropped onto its ‘Magic Hat’.”
TheMacBundles was setup by Steve Becker as a “Farmers’ Market” for software, essentially a co-op where software developers can bundle their software titles for maximum exposure. Users are protected by TheMacBundles' no-fine-print policy, which means that purchasers of its bundles get the same software, support, licenses, and upgrade benefits that apply to users who pay the full price for the software. That’s why TheMacBundles motto is: “No Games, No Hype, No Middlemen...Just Great Software at a Great Price™.”

This Holiday Bundle of 14 titles has a retail value of nearly $475 but sells for only $49.95, and includes both iDupe and CaliBrate, two of Wooden Brain Concepts’ top-selling applications.

Wooden Brain Concepts

Wooden Brain Concepts has been making Mac software for well over 10 years. Besides iDupe and CaliBrate, its popular products include OmniGrowl (which provides all kinds of practical notifications using Growl) and Cast Away (a utility to customize podcast management and auto-playback on a per-podcast basis). Wooden Brain Concepts believes in affordable software and the true principle of shareware.


Loren Ryter
Wooden Brain Concepts

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MoveTunes Update fixes issue involving retaining playlists

Wooden Brain Concepts today released an update to MoveTunes to fix an issue involving retaining playlists.

After a recent iTunes update, the option to retain playlists had ceased working due to a change made in iTunes involving a shift from "Audiobooks" to just "Books". This has now been fixed.

MoveTunes is a utility to selectively move iTunes music among volumes while retaining certain metadata, like artwork, play counts, ratings, and playlists.

As usual, please see the version history for details.