Thursday, October 6, 2011

OmniGrowl supports Mac App Store Growl

Wooden Brain Concepts today released an update to OmniGrowl to support the new Mac App Store version of Growl, Growl 1.3.

As noted in our last blog posting, when Growl moved to the Mac App Store and became a menu bar application, OmniGrowl had ceased to recognize it as installed. This has now been fixed. Please note that OmniGrowl does require that Growl remain in the default installation location, that is your Applications folder.

As of this release, the Growl team has not yet released its developer toolkit ("SDK"), so this should be considered a provisional fix. After the SDK is released, additional compatibility improvements will follow as needed.

In addition, fixes were made for the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Word of the Day notification.

As usual, please refer to the version history for details.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OmniGrowl and Growl 1.3 (MAS)

The Growl folks today released a Mac App Store only version of Growl. OmniGrowl 4.4.2 does not recognize this installation.

A fix will be coming relatively soon, but ideally we need to wait for the Growl team to release their toolkit ("SDK") to developers first. If that does not get released in a timely fashion, we will release a provisional fix to be followed by full support for Growl 1.3.

Thanks for your patience, early adopters!